Dear Google Reader,

We’re mad.

And that’s because you’ve changed so much that’s why.

Listen, a little bit of change is always good. So are redesigns. Don´t get us wrong, you still look good.

But getting a facelift is different from chopping off your best feature!

And by best feature we all mean your gorgeous *shared items*.

We’ve already wandered around the entire internet looking for a substitute for this magic little folder, where all our friends are saying "hey, check this out, I want you to see this".

Well the thing is that there isn’t one.

And that´s what made you so unique, so perfect, just the way you were.

So, why did you have to change?

We wish all the best for your relatives at Google (including Google+) but we love you the most! We don´t want to share anything there! We want to stay with you! ;-)

If there’s one thing your father always thaught us is that sharing is the best-thing-EVER. And who are we kidding, we can´t always read our entire feed! So, it would be wonderful to get by with a little help from our friends.

Essentially, what we’re trying to say is:

Your readers.

A hopeful request from: Contente we love Google Reader

Design, code and supported by Micky Huang.